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While being torn between what she is and what she wants to be Madelene tries to understand the ways of the real, outside world while hiding from the organization that brought her into the world, with her only friend, Hailey, by her side. (Yuri) If there's an update, it'll be on a Monday or a Friday. (can be found at http://www.onlinecomics.net)

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Page 28
Page 28


Yeah, I know I said it wold be back, but life got in the way. My computer got really sick so I had a friend wipe my hard drive (saved my files), and then I needed to get photoshop again. I do plan on updating AS. Now, there are two options. I've been trying to decide which I should do. Let me know what you guys think.

1) Restart Artificial Smile

2) Update from where I've left off

March 1

I've decided to redo AS. The storyline drags too much and I feel that I can do better. On March 1st the comic will re-launch and will then update on Wednesdays.

It's not dead!

Artificial Smile is not dead! I've been trying to improve on it. I got some new brushes for my photoshop, so that's good. Let me know whether you like the sketched pages better or the ones done in photoshop. And if there's an update, it'll be on either monday or friday, or both if I happen to have pages.

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